(written as Olivia Matthews)

A Kensington Publishing release
Cozy mystery
March 2019
ISBN-10: 149670942X
ISBN-13: 978-1496709424
$7.99 U.S., mass market paperback
$5.99 U.S., ebook

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to the right, image of woman from chest up superimposed in front of a creepy alleyway at night. Text to left reads The Sister Lou Mysteries By Patricia Sargeant writing as Olivia Matthews.

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How to avoid deadly confessions …

Giving up murder for Lent won’t be easy . . .

With the Lenten season fast approaching, Sister Louise “Lou” LaSalle looks forward to a final day of indulgence before giving up her favorite sweets. But one Briar Coast resident won’t get the chance to repent. Opal Lorrie, the mayor’s director of finance, was just found in the parking lot of the Board of Ed – with a broken neck.

The sheriff’s deputies are calling the apparent slip-and-fall a freak accident. But Opal was driving her boss’s car and wearing her boss’s red wool coat. Mayor Heather Stanley has been receiving threatening letters and is clearly the real target. Offering her sanctuary could put the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Hermione of Ephesus at risk, but how can Sister Lou turn her back on a neighbor in need? Aided by her loyal sleuthing partners—her well-connected nephew Chris and reporter Shari Henson—Sister Lou must confront the mayor’s myriad detractors during this critical election year. And as the first day of April nears, it’s up to her to unmask an unrepentant killer who has everyone fooled.

Excerpt – Alibis & Angels: A Sister Lou Mystery

“Of course the mayor can stay with us.” Sister Barbara settled onto the cushioned chair behind her desk. “She shouldn’t remain in her home and she definitely shouldn’t be alone, at least not until her assailant is found and taken into custody. Here, she’ll be surrounded by people and we have excellent security.”

Sister Lou took one of the three matching guest chairs in front of Sister Barbara’s desk. The prioress’s office always smelled pleasantly of cinnamon and peppermints. “Thank you, Barb. There’s just one more thing. Mayor Stanley doesn’t want anyone to know about the threats she’s been receiving or about her attack. The only people who know are Shari, Chris, Diego DeVarona, you, Carm and me. She’s insistent that no one else know about the threats or attack.”

Sister Barbara leaned into her desk. “I take it this means she doesn’t want to go to the deputies, either?”

“No, she doesn’t.” Sister Lou was still unclear about the mayor’s reasoning behind that decision.

“Will you and your team handle the investigation?”

Sister Lou leaned back against the chair. “When Mayor Stanley originally asked for my help, I turned her down. I’m not a professional investigator. I do community outreach.”

Sister Barbara’s piercing gaze held Sister Lou’s. “I understand why you would be reluctant to take on another investigation. They’re dangerous. But, Lou, you have a gift for them.”

“I disagree. These investigations are out of my skillset.”

“You’ve already successfully led two investigations. Each time, you saved innocent people from being charged with crimes they didn’t commit.”

Sister Lou spread her arms in a helpless gesture. “I have no idea how to even begin this one.”

“You didn’t know how to start the others, either.” Sister Barbara sat back. “You’ll figure this one out, too.”

“One person has already been killed.” That knowledge drove a fission of fear through Sister Lou.

Sister Barbara grew solemn. “I realize that these investigations are dangerous, but trust that God gave you this gift for a reason.”

“I’m also concerned about Marianna. She won’t give up until she discovers the reason Mayor Stanley is staying with us.”

Sister Barbara waved a hand. “We can handle Marianna.”

Sister Lou gave her prioress a dubious look. No one could control Marianna.