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Mediopolis Communications, LLC
Contemporary Romance Novella
January 2019
99 cents U.S., ebook

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Three confirmed bachelors get a second chance with their one true love …

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A Groom to the Altar: Meet the Bridegrooms, Novella 1

For this groom, a trip to the altar is written in the stars …

Workaholic film producer DeAndre Portiss is focused on bringing a high-profile investor onto his company’s next documentary. But since the financier has turned him down before, DeAndre’s next pitch needs to be a hit. Luckily, his business partner’s sister is an experienced marketing consultant with a successful track record. But will their secret past bring down their project’s reviews?

Free-spirited marketing consultant Elisha Tomlin has a unique approach to project presentations. The unconventional marketer also has a revelation for the uptight producer. According to their horoscopes, their one wonderful and reckless night was only the beginning. Elisha is certain that their love is written in the stars. Can she convince DeAndre to go against his nature and follow the signs?

Novella Excerpt

“El, I have a proposition for you.”

A proposition? Did he mean a proposal? He was moving a little fast, wasn’t he? “What is it?”

“Actually, Ash, Nate and I have a proposition for you. We’d like your help creating a marketing campaign for our documentary film on the Sellsville Sluggers.”

Elisha’s mind went blank. This was 2019, the Year of the Earth Pig. DeAndre was born in the Year of the Horse, 1978, and she was born in the Year of the Dog, 1982. This was supposed to be the year for them to fall in love and get married. Instead DeAndre wanted to hire her to be his marketing consultant. Someone missed a memo.

“Are you serious?” Elisha sensed his confusion. Well, good. She was confused, too.

“Of course. You have an impressive track record and our project will benefit from your expertise.”

Oh, no. This was a bridge too far.

“The last time we spoke was almost six years ago. You were flying out of my bed the morning after my brother’s wedding. Are we just going to pretend that never happened?”