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Contemporary Romance Novella
May 2019
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Three confirmed bachelors get a second chance with their one true love …

Watch the Meet the Bridegrooms book video.

A Groom Once Again: Meet the Bridegrooms, Novella 2

For this groom, it will take the right words to get back to the altar …

Cynical screenwriter Asher Tomlin needs help researching and writing the script for his company’s historical documentary. Before their divorce almost three years ago, Asher and his ex-wife had made an impressive scriptwriting team. Now Asher’s two business partners and best friends urge him to turn to her again. Asher doesn’t need much prodding, though, to commit to doing whatever it takes to reunite with his ex-wife.

The clock is ticking for jaded editorial consultant Zora Dabney. Her biological clock, that is. While they were married, she and Asher had agreed to have children. Now she’s divorced and childless. So when Asher asks for her help creating the script for his documentary, she tests his claim that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get her to work with him. If Asher and Zora find a way to collaborate on the script, can they also find a way back to the altar?

Novella Excerpt

Asher spread his arms, nearing frustration. “If you don’t want money, what do you want to be paid with, Zo? Coffee? Books?” Zora stared at him in silence for so long that Asher began to believe she wouldn’t respond. He prompted her. “What do you want?”

“Your sperm.”

“What?” He must be hearing things.

Zora wandered away from the window, finally allowing Asher to see her features. She looked a little sad and a lot annoyed. “I’m forty years old, Ash. I’ll be forty-one in September. My window for child bearing is rapidly closing.”

“You want my sperm?” Part of him couldn’t believe that had been her answer. The other part should have known. If there was an inappropriate statement waiting to be made, Zora would make it.