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Game Time Decision: Brooklyn Monarchs, Book V

He only has one shot to prove his love …

At thirty-seven years old, Marlon Burress doesn’t need a game clock to know he’s coming to the end of his NBA playing days. After fifteen years with the Miami Waves, the franchise has traded him to their division rival, the Brooklyn Monarchs. Even worse, his new team signed him to only a one-year contract. But before he walks away from basketball, Marlon needs a new plan. As he considers settling down, his thoughts turn to his greatest challenge yet: winning back his former college sweetheart.

Zerleena Chase spent her entire college career as Marlon’s cheerleader. After he graduated, Marlon made a fast break to his basketball dream, leaving her on the sideline. It took Zerleena years to find her own voice. Now that her satellite radio show is gaining national recognition, Marlon has bounced back into her life, expecting her to play on his team once more. But this time, Zerleena ‘s taking center court. If Marlon wants a second shot at her love, he’s going to have to prove that Zerleena has always been his most valuable partner.

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