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A Groom Worth the Wait: Meet the Bridegrooms, Novella 3

For this groom, a trip to the altar is all about timing

The conclusion of the Meet the Bridegrooms trilogy …

Old resentments are reawakened and secret desires rekindled when a cautious film director convinces his impetuous college crush to work with him on the project of his dreams.

For his documentary, cautious film director Nathan Fletcher wants to work with only the best. Unfortunately, the independent film industry’s best director of photography is his college rival, Alexis Robicheaux. Despite his reticence to reunite with his college nemesis and secret crush, Nathan bows to pressure from his two business partners and best friends to hire Alexis for their production. But when Alexis refuses his offer, he doesn’t know whether to take the rejection professionally – or personally.

Impetuous director of photography Alexis Robicheaux knows from past experience that Nathan is bad news. He’s arrogant, stubborn – and dangerously appealing. Besides, she has a much better job offer from a much less aggravating client. But when Nathan practically shows up on her doorstep to plead his case in person, old resentments go up in smoke and caution goes out the window.

If Nathan and Alexis can set aside their creative differences to work together, can they also find the courage to claim a love that’s worth the wait?

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