Decades: A Journey of African American Romance, Book 12
Campaign for Her Heart
Mediopolis Communications, LLC
Historical Romance
December 2018
ISBN-10: 0-9985366-3-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-9985366-3-7
$7.50 U.S., mass market paperback
$2.99 U.S., ebook

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Episode 1: The Reveal 

True love calls for bipartisan commitment …

Gwendolyn Taylor has campaigned for President Barack Obama and is committed to working for his reelection. After that, the librarian and activist plans on taking an early retirement – or so she thinks. One of Gwen’s volunteer organizations wants her to help unseat the incumbent state senator – by running for his office. Gwen has her doubts until she meets the senator’s distractingly sexy – and socially unconscious – campaign manager.

Noah Barrow sees his candidate as the best choice for their community. He believes in the senator’s integrity, commitment and platform. Gwen is a very attractive woman – distractingly so – but she is also a policy novice with dreams of political grandeur – or so he thinks. Gwen’s ideas are fresh and different enough that they just might work, but it takes more than promising proposals to run a successful campaign.

With such conflicting ideologies, could Noah and Gwen find a way to merge their platforms for the sake of their community – and their hearts?


Campaign for Her Heart

“Tell me what you’ve been doing the past thirty-one years?” Gwen’s hunger pangs receded as she ate her garden side salad.

“Shouldn’t we be talking about you?” Noah glanced up from his salad bowl. He’d flavored his vegetables with blue cheese dressing.

“I want to know about the person who would be my manager if I decide to campaign – and that’s a huge ‘if.’” Gwen sipped her tart lemonade as she studied Noah. She sensed him gathering his thoughts in the silence. Why was he reluctant to talk about himself?

“Since we last saw each other, I’ve worked on dozens of campaigns, mainly for local and state candidates.”

“Your more recent clients have been influential incumbents and promising up-and-comers.”

“Have you been following my career?” Noah’s teasing smile looked forced.

“Don’t flatter yourself.” Gwen tried a quelling glance. It didn’t seem to work. “I did an internet search on you a couple of days ago.”

“Pity.” Noah nudged aside his now empty salad bowl. “I thought you might still have a soft spot for me.”

Gwen’s heart fluttered like it so often had when she and Noah had dated. The fact that she might still have a soft spot for him was worrisome. “Are you flirting with me, Noah?”

“Would that be a bad thing?”

“Let me count the ways.” Gwen set her empty bowl beside his. Her gaze took in the establishment’s shabby chic décor, dark wood paneling and deep red accents. “If I decide to run for office, we’d have to keep our relationship professional.”

“Of course.” But his eyes reminded her that they weren’t working together yet.