Heated Rivalry
A Kensington Publishing mass market paperback
Contemporary romance
ISBN-10: 075823144X
ISBN-13: 9780758231444
$6.99 US
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He knows how to win her surrender

She Wants What He’s Got
Valerie Parker is desperate to win the affection of her emotionally distant father and land a promotion at his advertising firm. Her biggest obstacle is junior partner Steven Crennell, a dazzling former NBA star who scores all the big accounts. But Valerie’s attempt to outshine her charismatic rival unexpectedly leads her straight into his arms.

And She’s Everything He Needs
Steven hopes to dispel the playboy stereotype left in the wake of his NBA career. Between battling his ex-fiancée and focusing on his work, finding his soul mate isn’t on the agenda…until he meets his match in Valerie. And when competition leads to explosive passion, he learns that the game of life-and love-involve a very different set of rules.

Heated Rivalry excerpt:

“You’re mistaken.” Steven paced toward Valerie. “I’m not suggesting we exchange accounts. They’re both mine. But I’m willing to give one to you.”

Valerie arched a brow. “Your generosity leaves me breathless.”

Interesting choice of words. Steven’s gaze dipped to her lips. Their natural color made him wonder if she wore lipstick. Perhaps he could tell with a taste. “I thought you wanted a promotion?”

“I do. But on my merit, based on what I’ve worked for. Not because I’m serving as a shield between you and your fiancée.”

That stung. “My ex-fiancée. And I’m not asking for a shield. I think it would be less awkward – for the firm – if you took the account.”

“Your discomfort isn’t going to keep me up at night. But if your conscience wakes up and decides to give me back my account, call me.”

She slipped past him again, this time back to her conversation table. Right back to where they’d started. Just then, in his peripheral vision, Steven noticed Traci through the glass wall of Valerie’s office, frowning at Valerie with a mixture of hostility and curiosity. A plan to free himself from his dilemma sprang to mind. Steven didn’t stop to think. He didn’t measure the pros and cons. He had to act now or lose the momentum of this fast break.

He reached out, curving an arm around Valerie’s slender waist and stepping closer to her. Her dark eyes flared wide. Her moist lips parted as though she was about to speak. Without hesitation or warning, Steven lowered his head and sealed her mouth with his own.