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Allow me to introduce myself. Or perhaps we’ve already met. You may remember my romantic suspense written as Patricia Sargeant. Or perhaps you’ve read my contemporary romances written as Regina Hart.

Well now, I’d like to invite you to try my cozy mysteries written as Olivia Matthews. My first cozy mystery, Mayhem & Mass, will be available at the end of November 2017. You’ll meet my amateur sleuth heroine, Sister Louise “Lou” LaSalle. Sister Lou is a smart, kind and funny Catholic sister who’s moved from Los Angeles, California, to the fictional town of Briar Coast in upstate New York. You’ll also meet her sleuthing team, her socially connected nephew, Christian “Chris” LaSalle; and her new friend, Sharelle “Shari” Henson, a sassy, cynical newspaper reporter.

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Olivia Matthews / Patricia Sargeant