If you’re ready to write a book, thinking of writing a book or just curious about where you’d start if you were to write a book, you’ve come to the right spot. The Writing Mind series of online fiction writing courses are designed to help beginner, intermediate and experienced writers conquer the blank page and discover their story journey.

Meet Your Online Fiction Writing Course Instructor

I’ll be your instructor for the fiction writing courses. I’m a national best-selling, award-winning author of more than 20 character-driven stories. I write romance, suspense and mysteries. I’m passionate about the art of storytelling. I’d love to share writing craft techniques with you to help you conquer the blank page and begin your storytelling journey.

What Students are Saying

“A great start to character building. Very thorough and insightful. Each section moves your thoughts to the character you are planning to write.” – Iris Bolling, national best-selling author

“Patricia’s workshop gave me an even greater understanding of the elements of plotting. Her workshop was informative. I highly recommend this workshop for both burgeoning and experienced writers!” – J’son M. Lee

“Patricia’s lectures are very informative.” – Timothy S.

“After taking a workshop on “Outlines and Character” with Patricia Sargeant, I can honestly say that I have a clear understanding of how to organize and how to stay focused on each character.  She gives examples that are relevant and precise to help with your writing.” – Priscilla J.

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Building Character

Fun with Plotting

It’s in the Cards: Outlining Your Story: Coming soon

Are You Ready to Conquer the Blank Page?

I’ve published more than 20 novels – mysteries, romance and suspense. Each time I’ve started a new project, I’ve used these fiction writing tools. They help me create stories that connect with my readers. These writing courses are designed to help you achieve the same goals. Register for The Write Spot today and let me help you start your storytelling journey.

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