Game Plan
Ebook – Available June 2017
99 cents

If you want to win, you have to have a plan. . .

NBA hooper and self-proclaimed Bible scholar Anthony “The Saint” Chambers finally earned his championship ring after his Brooklyn Monarchs crowned their Cinderella season. Now in the offseason, Anthony is planning the next move in his career – more money, fame and game – as the Monarchs lace up to defend their title. But

falling in love wasn’t part of the plan …

Struggling artist Faith Chambers is an administrative assistant by day and a promising cartoonist by night. Her plans include publishing contracts, television agreements and paying her rent on time. Yet she risks all of that for a Bible-quoting baller. When Faith’s finances get even sketchier, Anthony’s teammates paint a dubious picture of her real intent. Is Faith drawn to Anthony – or his money?

Will Faith and Anthony’s relationship be sidelined by suspicion or will they stick to their original game plan of falling in love?

You Belong to Me
Ebook – Reissue
ISBN-13: 978-0-9985366-0-6
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In the spotlight, deception, desire and danger become one …

Sometimes Your Biggest Fan…
Science-fiction writer Nicole Collins is delighted when she learns her first book will be made into a movie by Celestial Productions — until she finds out who owns the company: Malcolm Bryant, her ex-husband. Nicole still loves him, but she knows Malcolm is still the same man who crumbles in the face of adversity. And then there are those threatening letters . . .

Can Be Your Worst Nightmare…
Somewhere out there is a deranged fan, one who has adopted Nicole’s characters as his own family…and he’s not about to see his loved ones distorted by the camera lens. Once Malcolm’s business partner is mysteriously killed, Nicole realizes this is no movie script — her life is now in danger. With a demented killer fan closing in, the only person who may be able to save Nicole is Malcolm — the man she so desperately hopes will finally make a stand…

 Heated Rivalry
A Kensington Publishing mass market paperback
Contemporary romance
ISBN-10: 075823144X
ISBN-13: 9780758231444
$6.99 US
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He knows how to win her surrender

She Wants What He’s Got
Valerie Parker is desperate to win the affection of her emotionally distant father and land a promotion at his advertising firm. Her biggest obstacle is junior partner Steven Crennell, a dazzling former NBA star who scores all the big accounts. But Valerie’s attempt to outshine her charismatic rival unexpectedly leads her straight into his arms.

And She’s Everything He Needs
Steven hopes to dispel the playboy stereotype left in the wake of his NBA career. Between battling his ex-fiancée and focusing on his work, finding his soul mate isn’t on the agenda…until he meets his match in Valerie. And when competition leads to explosive passion, he learns that the game of life-and love-involve a very different set of rules.

Sweet Deception
A Kensington Publishing mass market paperback
June 2009
Contemporary romance
ISBN-10: 0758231431
ISBN-13: 978-0758231437
$6.99 US
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Only he could unlock her secrets …

Can desire and obligation …
No one would expect that modest minister’s daughter Joan Brown has a secret identity. But to her many fans, Joan is the author of a popular erotic romance series. And to fellow writer Ronald Montgomery, whom Joan met at an author panel, she is every bit the seductive diva. While their passion ignites instantaneously, Joan has another life to return to.

Come between love and passion?
Ron Montgomery has been burned one too many times by love and can’t help but harbor a grudge…until he meets sensual Joan Brown. And while he longs for her touch, he’s not sure he can trust someone who is living a lie. When inhibitions become too much to bear, Ron and Joan find themselves locked in a romance that neither wants to ever escape.

A Kensington Dafina mass market paperback
ISBN: 075821877X
$6.99 U.S., $9.99 Canadian
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A love this hot knows no rules…

A high stakes lesson …
Charleston Times reporter Sharon MacCabe has worked hard to move from intern to full-fledged journalist. So when a series of arson fires across the city turns into a string of murders, she’s ready to investigate. But her excitement soon turns to disappointment when her boss gives the assignment to a senator’s nephew. Determined to prove herself, Sharon decides to probe the case on her own. But first she’ll have to gain the trust of Charleston’s new Fire Captain…

In love and trust …
Matthew Payton has reason to be wary of reporters. As a firefighter in Pittsburgh, the press falsely accused him of arson in a blaze that killed his own sister, leading him to resign. Now he’s trying to bury that painful chapter and start over. When Sharon insists on collaborating, Matthew is suspicious yet also attracted to this lovely, tenacious young woman—and the feeling is mutual. As the two work closely together, Matthew finds his defenses breaking down, and his heart opening up. But their growing intimacy is about to be threatened when they discover they are pawns in a corrupt political game, one that may cost them their love—and their lives….